The "Engineer M. Brugola Acoustic Studio" is one of the most important firms in the acoustic Italian sector, with many major projects carried out in Italy and abroad over the past 20 years.
We are working with passion as consultants and project managers in acoustics and vibrations since 1988.
Our work is based on a continuous study, experience and professional growth, thanks to expert and passionate people, who always find the right way to face the problem.
We have the culture of teamwork with all other professionals who collaborate in the project planning, each specialized in different technical aspects.
Mainly we dedicate ourselves to the problems related to the wide architectural spaces (shopping centers, multiplex cinemas, churches, multi-purpose auditoriums, theaters) that stimulate us to understand the problem and find the solution.
Enthusiast about complexity of the shapes and the acoustic peculiarities of closed spaces, we like to study always different solutions that can improve the performance of the environment by staying close to the architectural guidelines. People working with the studio are all specialized in acoustics and vibrations, with huge experience and high preparation.
The firm is specialized in architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, and vibrations; we collaborate with the most important architectural firms in Italy and abroad, and we collaborate in the R&D sector with universities and private companies.
We like acoustics, it's not just "work".


Marcello Brugola was born in Monza in 1957; he becomes acoustic engineer, now enrolled in the Register of the Province of Monza and Brianza, after studying Civil Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, with whom he still collaborates. He began his career as freelancer as head of the acoustics and vibration division in an electro-acoustic research and development laboratory and then he became as global consultant in this field, teaching in training and courses and collaborating with magazines and web sites as an acoustics expert.